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Monitor Medical offers a variety of cleaning products that can come in handy to the everyday CPAP user – be it something small and simple like the citrus wipes, or something a tad more fancy like the SoClean machine.

Let’s start of with the most basic item – citrus wipes. Although they are pretty basic, these wipes sure do come in handy. After using your mask, grab a wipe and clean out the entire inside of the cushion and wipe down the frame. For the price of only 15 dollars, you get a container of 62 wipes (if you use one wipe a day, you’re set for two months!) that leaves your mask squeaky clean. You can also get the Citrus wipes in a travel pack so you do no have to take the entire container with you on your trip, and we even offer a citrus spray as well!

SoClean 2 and the SoClean 2 Go: This is probably one of the most advertised items that we offer. I am sure that you have seen the commercials for the machine that sanitizes your CPAP machine AND supplies. What a deal, two for one! Keep in mind that even with this particular machine, you still want to wipe down the inside of your mask and replace your filters. Prior to using the SoClean, you will first want to use the pre-wash to submerge your mask and tubing. Then you connect your CPAP machine to the SoClean with the adapter and, bam the sanitation process begins. The SoClean machine starts at 299 dollars, but remember, that you also have to purchase the adapter to connect the SoClean to your CPAP and that runs at about 35 to 40 dollars. The SoClean 2 Go does the exact same thing as the regular SoClean, but this version makes sanitizing while traveling a lot easier. The 2 Go machine’s pricing starts at 179 dollars. The SoClean typically takes need to run for about 10 minuets for each use, but you are able to adjust the time if you want to.

VirtuClean: This is another sanitation unit, but the VirtuClean is much smaller than the SoClean. It weighs less than a pound and can probably fit in your hand. You will still want to clean your supplies with soap and water or citrus wipes – whichever you prefer. You do NO T have to purchase an adapter to use the VirtuClean, you plug your machine directly to the VirtuClean and leave it be for about 30 minutes for the sanitation process to finish. This machine starts at 279 dollars and is well worth the investment.

Lumin: The Lumin is the newest sanitizing machine making an appearance in the CPAP world. It is smaller than the SoClean, but larger than the VirtuClean. This machine uses UV lights (pretty similar to what is used in hospitals to clean and sanitize medical equipment) to sanitize your supplies instead of Ozone like both the VirtuClean and SoClean. Another great feature that the Lumin offers is that it cleans your supplies in about FIVE minuets – much quicker than the other devices. The Lumin starts at 219 dollars, and is the most affordable of the three machines.

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