The Same Mask, but a Little Different

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The DreamWear mask is welcoming the newest member, which has been long anticipated, to its family: The Full Face Mask.

Similar to the versions prior to it, the full face version of the mask does the exact same thing, just in a different form.

Comparable to the AmaraView mask, the DreamWear Full Face Mask covers the mouth entirely and sits right under the nose. This mask is great for patients who tend to breathe through their mouth and require a chinstrap, or for those who are a bit claustrophobic as it does not cover the entire face. The frame is essentially the same as the previous masks, made of the same material allowing air to freely flow through the frame (this is a great feature for side sleepers).  The tubing connection sits at the top of the frame to prevent any entanglement throughout the night of sleep.

What’s more, since the only thing changing about this mask is just the cushion, you are free to transition between nasal pillow, nasal cushion, or full face cushions without having to worry about the frame! This comes in handy for allergy season and the colder weather, not that we get a whole lot of that here in the south.

According to, “The DreamWear Full face mask was built with a thorough understanding of facial geometries and a suite of proprietary design tools and processes to provide patients with clinically proven fit, comfort and seal.”

The main goal from the manufacturer seems to be the comfort AND quality of the mask. With success from the original DreamWear nasal cushion mask and the DreamWear nasal gel pillows, it only seems fit to branch out and include a full face version made with the same innovation and technology.

For as much hype as the original DreamWear mask received, I anticipate the same, if not more, for the full face version. For more information, please give us a call at 866-634-0177, visit our website and take a look at the fitting guide.


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