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The world’s smallest travel unit; small, yet very effective.

The air mini recently launched and it has made monumental waves in the CPAP world. CPAP users no longer have to worry about lugging around their big, bulky machine as they now have the option of a smaller, user-friendly machine.
airmini-autoset-with-keys-white-backgroundThe AirMini is about the size and weight of a smart phone, perhaps even lighter, it is likely you will not even realize that you have it with you throughout your traveling expeditions. This travel machine has a plethora of great features besides its small, convenient travel size. For example, it offers water less humidification. I know that sounds weird, right? How does it work and how did they mange to create something along the lines of “water less humidification?” It took me a while to really understand as well. First, we must understand that the humidification is only offered with the nasal mask options. Before connecting the short tubing that attaches to the mask to the longer tubing that attaches to the machine, you must first insert a small circular filter like chamber – this is what produces any additional humidity that you may need.

Another great feature is that like the AirSense 10 machine, you will be able to monitor your usage on the machine. Although you can technically use the machine everyday, it is recommended that the AirMini be used for traveling purposes only. While you are on your trip, and you want to check to see how many hours you slept, you will be able to access that information from the comfort of your phone. Just be sure to download the app and connect the machine to your phone via Wi-Fi so that a reading is able to pull up when needed. You will be able to access up to 30 day so worth of data.

The only thing to keep in mind about the AirMini is that it is limited to what type of mask you can use with it. It only works with the AirFit P10 (nasal pillow mask), AirFit N20 (nasal cushion mask),  AirFit F20 (full face mask), and AirTouch F20 (full face mask). I do not think that this is a bad thing, but it can be limiting if you are comfortable with a different mask. Please also keep in mind that the machine is not billable through the insurance, so it is an out of pocket expense.


Aside from that, I do think the AirMini is great product provided you can afford it. As of now, ResMed, the manufacturer, is working on creating a battery for the unit. They have recently released a DC adapter that can charge the AirMini in case your do not have accesses to an outlet, and they have had the AC adapter (to charge in your car) out for sometime as well. This product is a great investment, something to definitely look into.

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