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Here at Monitor Medical, we do not just sell CPAP machines. We also specialized in comfort accessories that we hope will make your CPAP journey that much easier to endure.

cpap pillow

CPAP Pillow: Coming in at a whopping 20 inches by 26 inches, the CPAP Pillow is designed to make sleeping a little easier. I know the whole purpose of using a CPAP machine is to sleep easier, but it might be a little difficult for peaceful slumber to come to you if your mask is moving all over the place or making a loud whistling sound in the middle of the night. The purpose of the CPAP Pillow is to ensure that your mask does not move around while you are sleeping. More then likely you do not sleep in the same position throughout the night, and again, more than likely, you do not sleep on your back – you are bound to twist and turn from side to side, or you might even end up on your stomach. With that in mind, the makers of the CPAP Pillow designed a product that will allow you to move around and not obstruct the mask in anyway. The mask stays in place and there are little to no leaks (which mean no whistling sound) leading to a peaceful night’s sleep.

remzzz'sRemZZZ’s: RemZZZ’s are made up of special cotton fibers to ensure maximum comfort while wearing your mask. A lot of patients mention that if they pull their mask too tight, it leaves some sort of marking on the face, and if they do not pull the mask tight enough, they are not getting a good seal. RemZZZ’s are the solution to these issues. The RemZZZ is a cloth liner in which you put down on your face where the cushion will sit. Once on, you can go ahead and put the mask/cushion on over the RemZZZ. It will prevent any type of marking on the face from the mask, leaks, and any type of irritation from the cushion itself.

bedside organizer
Bedside Organizer: Made by Respironics, the bedside organizer is an easy, convenient storage for your mask and tubing when you aren’t using it. Tuck it in between your box spring and mattress or attach it to your nightstand next to your CPAP machine, either way, it gets the job done. What’s more, it allows for a neat, clean look rather than having a jumbled mess that is your tubing and mask hanging all over the place.

travel case1

travel case 3






Travel Cases: We offer a few different options in this category, ranging from cases for your standard CPAP machine to the travel machines. The travel cases are quite durable and ensure that your machine is well protected throughout your travels. They are not an eyesore; in fact, I would even go as far to say they these bags are sort of stylish. We even carry some travel bags that can be used as a travel briefcase – you can pack your machine and your laptop into one bag! Talk about convenient!

We offer many different products as well! Be sure to check out our website  or give us a call at 866-634-0177 for more information and to place your order today!


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