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3B Medical has created a device that not only cuts down your cleaning time to just about nothing, but is also safe to use. The newest cleaning device introduced to the CPAP market is the Lumin, and so far it has been making a pretty good name for itself.

Similar to what is used in hospitals, the Lumin sanitizes your cpap equipment using UV light rather than ozone like other sanitizing machines. Now while there is nothing wrong with cleaning your CPAP supplies using ozone, after sometime, direct contact with ozone can be harmful.

Upon hearing the word “ozone,” I immediately think of the ozone layer protecting planet Earth from the incineration of the direct beams of light from the sun. How in the world could that possible be a bad thing, right? Well first, let’s define ozone. It is classified at a gas made up of three oxygen atoms. We know that we need oxygen in order to survive in this world, right? The oxygen we breathe in is actually two atoms that have come together. If we were to breathe in pure oxygen by itself for a continuous time in a 24 hour period, we would definitely be at serious risk.

Now that take that same aspect and apply it O3, expect Ozone is much more harmful than pure oxygen. We, under no circumstances, want to inhale any of the ozone that sanitizes our supplies, but we want to ensure that our supplies are clean AND safe to use.
Here is where the Lumin comes in. As mentioned before, the Lumin uses UV light to sanitize your supplies. You can put your mask and water chamber into the drawer, and within the next few minutes, your supplies will be sanitized. Comparing the Lumin to other sanitation machines out there, it is the quickest of the three machines (including the Lumin, there is also the VirtuClean and the SoClean machines), getting the job done within a short time span of five minuets compared the nearly two hours the SoClean would need. lumin5

Another advantage of the Lumin is that it is not limited to just CPAP supplies. Phones, toothbrush, baby pacifiers, and any other items that can fit in the drawer and allows the UV light to pass through it can be sanitized with this machine. Keep in mind, that if the UV light CANNOT penetrate the item, then it will not be sanitized, meaning your CPAP tubing. Unfortunately, the Lumin does not have an easy solution for cleaning your tubing. As you still want to maintain your supply schedule, you will want to go ahead and switch to a new tubing every three months. Until then, be sure to run lukewarm soap water through the tubing, rinse, and let it drip dry before using.

The Lumin does not have any replacement parts to worry about replacing and does not need any type of adapter to work. It also comes with a two year warranty in case anything should happen to the machine. Among all the sanitizing machines, the Lumin is the easiest to maintain and use, and is the most cost friendly at 249 dollars. Give us a call today for more information on the Lumin at 866-634-0177 or visit out website to place your order.

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