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CPAP compliance is very important within the first 90 days of being set up on your machine. Within those first 90 days of set up, insurance companies are looking for a few things: First, you are using your machine. Second: the usage is equivalent to at least four hours everyday. Third: you use the machine for a consistent 21 days or nights with in a 30 day time frame. If you meet all three conditions then your insurance company considers you to be compliant, and therefore have no issue shelling out the money to pay for said machine.

Seems easy enough, right? Sure, following directions is easy enough. Do this, this, and this, and bam, done! However, using you machine for at least four hours everyday might be more difficult than you think. I know how particular I am when it comes to being comfortable while sleeping; I need it to be cold, but not too cold that I need a big blanket or comforter, a fan needs to be on so there is some background noise, and it needs to be pitch black dark. With me being so picky when it comes to my sleep, I can just imagine how specific an older person might be when it comes to falling asleep.

I would think that it is not very easy sleeping with something strapped your face night after night, despite knowing that it is for the betterment of your health. Sometimes it is a matter of comfort, not having a comfortable mask makes meeting compliance much more difficult. Sometimes it just takes some time to get use to the fact that you now need a machine to help you breathe, it just takes getting use to have something plastered to your face while you are asleep.

Whatever the reason, it looks like the manufactures of the CPAP machines kept this small detail in mind. It is not a solution to the problem, but it certainly does help better the situation. The manufactures created a program that allows the patient to track and monitor his/her usage.

For those using a ResMed machine, the program is called myAir. Patients can log on through a computer or through the mobile app. As of recent, the myAir app was only available for iPhones through the Apple store, but it is now available through the Google Play store for Android users as well. For patients using Respironics machines, your program is called DreamMapper. Keep in mind that not all machine have accessible data, the older machines, such as the S9 or the System One, will need to be a modem attached OR a SD card in order for the data to be read.


Studies have shown that patients who are able to monitor their own usage tend to meet compliance, AND it is usually met in a shorter time span compared to those who do not monitor their usage. Seeing your results, knowing how and what you are doing, seems to be the key in meeting compliance as you are able to work through what works for you and what does not. So, what are you waiting for? Log on today and see your results! And if you have any questions about your machine, supplies, or compliance, feel free to give us a call at 866-634-0177 or visit out website.

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