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Moms are pretty much the best people in the world, right? It totally makes sense that they have a whole day dedicated to the celebration of mom’s. From the beginning of time, mothers have always taken the time to nurture and support their children. They are among the most selfless people that walk the earth, and definitely deserve to be pampered and adored – not just one day, but pretty much their entire lives. With this in mind, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss some items that are tailored specifically ‘for her.’

ResMed offers a variety of different ‘For Her’ options, ranging from their machines to their masks.

Let’s begin with the ResMed AirSense 10 for her. This machine pretty much functions the same way as the regular AirSense 10 machine. However the ‘for her’ machine has a specific algorithm that was designed specifically to cater to the female user. Compared to the normal dark gray/black color, the ‘for her’ machine is a sleek white color and has a floral design, and the home screen is pink for an extra splash of femininity. Pricing for both machines are the same, so why not spoil mom with something that was designed with her in mind?

AirSense10-AutoSet-for-HerOf course, mom is going to need a new mask with her new machine, right? Whether she uses a full face mask (mask covers the nose AND the mouth), a nasal pillow, or a nasal cushion mask, ResMed has got her covered!

Starting off with their full face mask option, ResMed offers the F10 and F20 ‘for her’. Both are great masks – the F10 being the older model, but still extremely reliable, and the F20 is the second generation, almost like an upgrade. The F20 offers the infinity seal to ensure that the user does not have a lot of leaking while asleep, and also features magnetic clips on the headgear that allows the removal of the mask to be much, much easier.

f10 for herf20 for her

ResMed’s nasal pillow options are also very user friendly. Of course, we know the nasal pillows sits at the base of the nose, and inserts into the nostrils. Both the Swift FX and the P10 ‘for her’ comes in an extra small, small, and medium sizes for those ladies who are more on the petite side. They also come with a pink headgear for the extra bit of femininity. Both are really great masks, but I favor the Swift FX over the P10 because it allows for more adjustments to be made along the headgear. The P10 comes with two clips that allow for the user to make the headgear tighter if/when needed, but does not have any sort of adjustment in case the headgear needs to be looser – just something to keep in mind!

swift fx for herp10 for her

Lastly, ResMed’s nasal cushion options come down to the N10, N20, and the Mirage FX for her. We find ourselves in the same situation that we did with the full face mask. The N10 is the older version of the N20, but still gets the job done, and the N20 includes the infinity seal and magnetic clips on the headgear. The Mirage FX is another option that you can pursue for mom. This mask was built with comfort in mind by providing even pressure distribution when in use, not to mention the cushion itself was designed to be extra soft to ensure that little to no indention marks are left on the face.

n10 for hern20 for hermirage fx for her

There are a few other masks that fall into the ‘for her’ series by ResMed, I just wanted to go over a few of the more popular ones today, so that you are aware of the different options available.

I am sure there are numerous things that mom requested for mother’s day other than sleep apnea equipment, but be sure to let her know that you are concerned for her health as well, and that you want her to be around for much longer – which is why you bought her a new mask! Either way, just be sure to spend some time with your mom this mother’s day and let her know just how special she is.

From everyone here at Monitor Medical, we want to wish all moms’ out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

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