What’s Your Position?


If you are anything like me when it comes to sleeping, you are probably classified as picky and/or high maintenance. It has to be a certain temperature, I have to have my favorite blanket and pillow, and both the ceiling fan and the floor fan have to be on – at least in the summer. And, please, do not even think about trying to cuddle while we are in bed… It’s way too hot for that. When it comes time to sleep, you stick to your side, and I will stick to mine. I want to be comfortable and un-bothered while in bed. Sometimes that means different sleeping positions. Did you know that the position that you sleep in can assist someone in determining your personality?

One of the most popular sleeping positions is ‘fetal’. You lay on your side and your legs are curled up towards your body, similar to what you experienced while in the womb. You might think that sleeping in this particular position would be uncomfortable, but at least 41% of American report sleeping like this. People who sleep in this position tend to be shy and reserved on the inside, but often have a tough exterior.

fetal position
The ‘yearner’ and the ‘log’ are similar in shape. The person sleeps on their side; however the main difference is that the ‘yearner’ sleeps with their arms stretched out in front of them while the ‘log’ sleeps with their arms straight by their sides. The ‘yearner’ seems to be more open and inviting to other people, however they can be cynical at times. The ‘log’ seems to be social as well, but definitely more trusting of people which can sometimes leave them gullible.

   yearnerlog position

The ‘soldier’ is another popular sleep position that people tend to sleep in. The ‘soldier’ position is when a person sleeps on their back and has their arms straight down at their sides. This type lives up to the solider demeanor and is serious and organized. They have high expectations for themselves and those they surround themselves with. Opposite of them ‘soldier,’ we have the ‘starfish.’ This person also sleeps on their back, but instead of having their arms straight down to their side, their arms are up top near their head and their legs are stretched out. This sleeping position is a tad bit unconventional, but it is said that people who prefer this sleep style are great friends – often making their friends their top priority.

          solider sleeping positionstarfish sleeping position'
The next two positions are also among the more common positions people have reported as the most comfortable. The first is known as ‘freefall.’ For this, people report sleeping on their stomach, head turned to either side, and their hands are under or near their pillow. These people are pretty much what the name describes – a free spirit. Although they are a free spirit that tends to be very social, they can also be on the shy side and do not take criticism too well. The ‘soldier starfish’ are a combination of the two – the person sleeps on their back, but their arms are pretty much everywhere except for right by their sides. These people are more the go-with-the-flow type, are pretty flexible, and can be easily persuaded. 

               freefall sleeping positionsoldier starfish

The last position is technically not a position in itself because you can do this through any of the previous positions mentioned, but studies have shown that this is common among majority of the population – pillow hugging. These people care about their daily bonds – between their friends, family, coworkers, and whoever they come in contact with throughout their day. They want to always lend a helping hand, and rarely think of themselves.
pillow hugging

So with all the new information, what conclusions have you drawn? I rarely ever stay in the same position throughout the night, so I am not sure where exactly I would fit in. I almost always start off in the ‘solider’ or ‘solider starfish’ position and move on from their throughout the night. Sometimes I find myself ‘free-falling,’ and sometimes I find myself like a ‘yearner.’ It is really hard to tell how you are going to start off, and how you will end up. At the end of the day, I suppose all the matters is that when you sleep, you are getting enough sleep and that wake up feeling rested and refreshed.


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