Team Work Makes the Dream Work… With the Right Players


You cannot play any sport without all the members of the team present. If you are missing just one key player, the entire game is up for grabs, so it is better to ensure that you have everyone present. Apply this team metaphor to your bedroom and sleep. Without the proper mattress and pillow, without the white noise, without the ideal room temperature sleep is not going to be easy to come by. We have already discussed how vital it is to have a decent mattress, but did you know that your pillow could also be a game changer as well? Monitor Medical offers a few different options for you to choose from.

The first contender is one of our longest sellers – the SleePAP CPAP pillow by AG Industries. This was the first pillow created for CPAP users – something ideal to rest your head on while sleeping with your CPAP mask. The pillow will not obstruct your CPAP mask in any way, shape, or form, so there should be little to no displacement of the mask while you are asleep. If you are not a CPAP user, this pillow can still come in handy as it truly is a team player. The pillow is designed to help prevent any body stiffness, to provide head and neck support, and is soft to the touch and comfortable. It is still considered a good pillow to use for those who do not use a CPAP machine.sleepap pillowOur second contender has not been around quite as long as the first, but seems to be a hit with customers nonetheless. Weighing in at nearly nothing, we have the memory foam CPAP pillow with cooling gel by Best in Rest. As the name suggests, it memorizes your shape to assist you in achieving the most comfortable position. No matter how many times you twist and turn throughout the night, the pillow conforms to your shape, providing you with the support your head and neck may need throughout the night. The cooling gel absorbs and reduces any sort of moisture buildup that may occur, allowing you to stay nice and cool while asleep. The pillow is made up of all natural products like bamboo, ensures proper body alignment while in use, and is adjustable – which may come in handy in case you find that it may be too flat to too high up for comfort.


cooling gel cpap pillowNext up, we have the memory foam CPAP pillow with herbal infusion. This pillow pretty much does the exact same thing at the cooling gel pillow, except that this pillow puts aromatherapy to use. This pillow is infused with an herbal scent that is meant to be soothing and relaxing – this is supposed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It is made up of the same bamboo material, ideal for multiple sleeping positions, and reduces moisture buildup. All in all, it is a pretty good product.cpap-memory-foam-pillow-box-web.jpgOur last contender, the newest to the group, is the CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 made by Contour Living. This pillow was designed specifically for CPAP users. It is supposed to minimize leaks, reduce red marks, and prevent your mask from moving out of place through the night. This pillow was designed with comfort in mind as it allows the user to add or remove multiple layers for the perfect fit. The pillow was also designed to provide better support for the user – it has a concave center to rest your head, crescent cut outs for your shoulders, and it provides facial support on both sides of the pillow for side sleepers. This also helps the user maintain positive and continuous airflow while using the pillow. The 2.0 version is an upgrade to its predecessor – which we did not carry. According to Contour Living website, the 2.0 is bigger (this makes sense is you can add and remove parts of the pillow), is hypoallergenic (which is great for users with sensitive skin), and is charcoal infused (to eliminate and neutralize any type of odor). The 2.0 is also different from a traditional pillow as it provides pressure free zones (for your mask), allows for better hose control, and, of course, can be adjusted to accommodate your sleeping position.


So, what is the verdict? Which of these players are joining ‘Team Get More Sleep?’ They all seem like great contenders, so be sure to do your research to see which of these will provide the most comfort and support for you! Visit our website should you have any questions about your CPAP machine or supplies, we will be happy to assist!

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