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CPAP therapy can be overwhelming –especially when you are just starting out. There is quite a bit of information to process in regards to how your machine is working, what you need to do every night, how to keep all equipment clean, etc. With all that information coming at you all at once, it might be difficult to sit through a mask fitting with a technician. Or you might think that getting the same mask that you used during your sleep study will be the right way to go as you were able to sleep with it with little to no problems.

When choosing a mask to use with your CPAP machine it is important to take into consideration a few things – do you suffer from sinus allergies; are you claustrophobic; are you a mouth breather? Depending on your answers to these questions, you can determine what mask would be best for you, and then try some that fit into the category that you are most comfortable with.

There are three categories to choose from: full face, nasal, and nasal pillow. 

Full face masks are good ideal for patients who breathe through their mouths. It makes no sense for you to use a CPAP machine with a nasal mask if you are going to sleep with your mouth open and have all the air escape, right? Most all full face masks and cushions cover the nose and the mouth, so that despite your mouth being open, you are still benefiting from the therapy. There are some masks that cover just the mouth and sit right under the nose – these particular types come in handy for patients who are on the claustrophobic side. I know I would not be able to sleep with something covering half my face, so if I had to use a full face mask, I would want one that covers just my mouth. If you suffer from allergies and absolutely have to breathe through your mouth, then you are definitely going to want a full face mask. Think about it – your nose is stuffy; you can barely breathe in air through your nostrils. You are going to have to inhale through your mouth while sleeping… a full face mask is the way to go. 

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While a full face mask is great, there are some cons to it. I have had patients complain that the air leak from the mask is much more than what they experience with a nasal/nasal pillow mask. The air leak from the top of the mask also tends to dry out their eyes. Patients complain that they cannot wear their glasses while using the full face mask, and have a difficult time sleeping on their side or stomach because the mask gets in the way.

Moving on to the nasal mask option – these are popular among CPAP users. The nasal mask cover the entirety of the patient’s nose and sits above the upper lip. There are many different options that patients can choose form which is what makes it so highly coveted. As there are so many options to choose from, patients seem to enjoy the flexibility that that nasal masks seems to offer. It is a good option for those who like indirect and natural airflow, and can be used with higher pressure settings. This mask is also good for patients that sleep mostly on their sides or move around a lot while asleep.

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This mask seems to be what dreams are made of, right? Well, while it does seem like the miracle mask, do not forget that this mask does have its downside. As mentioned before, this mask will not be useful if you breathe through your mouth – yes, there is a solution to this (provided you are comfortable with it). We offer many different chinstraps that you can use which will keep your mouth closed, if that’s an option you are willing to pursue. Again, as mentioned before, if you suffer from allergies this is not the mask for you. With your nasal passage blocked, you basically are not getting the therapy that you are need using a nasal mask.

The last option to choose from is the nasal pillow mask. The nasal pillow is the smallest and most lightweight option on the market. It sits at the base of the nose and inserts into the nostrils, allowing for the least amount of contact possible.  This option is good for patients who obviously breathe through their nose, are claustrophobic, move around throughout the night, or have facial hair. This option comes in a variety of different styles, like the nasal mask, so patients have the option to choose from one of many that they find comfortable. A great feature of the nasal pillow mask is that patients can wear their glasses to read or watch television without any hindrance from their mask.

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The nasal pillow mask encounters the same downfalls as the nasal mask, as they are similar in the way that the therapy is delivered to the patient. Another important downfall to keep in mind with this particular mask is that because of how the pillow sits, there is a higher risk of nosebleed or nasal dryness. Keep in mind that because you are getting direct airflow, there might be some discomfort, especially if you are at a higher pressure setting.

So now that you have more information on each of the three types of mask, what are your thoughts? What mask are you currently using and would you want to try something different? Let me know!

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