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I am the type of person that likes things to look coordinated – not matchy, macthy, but I definitely like when a room (or a person) looks put together. One item compliments another, color schemes that match, or an item that completes the look are all things that I look at when it comes to putting together a room. With that in mind, if something does not belong, if it throws off the entire look or feel of the room, I am quick to get rid it. In this case, that something is a CPAP machine.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for using a CPAP. I think it’s a great machine and that it helps make life a bit easier in certain aspects, but man… They are an eyesore. Over the years, CPAP’s have gotten smaller and smaller – which is good! They take up less room, and there is much less to see, what is there to complain about? Well, like I said… They are a bit of an eyesore, and they don’t really match with anything in your room. So, how about we play a little CPAP hide and seek; only you do all the hiding (of the machine) and seeking (obtaining the machine when you’re ready for bed) as well!

A CPAP nightstand. Of course, if you put your CPAP on a nightstand, that kind of automatically becomes a CPAP nightstand. But imagine this – put your CPAP machine INSIDE the nightstand instead of ON TOP. Numerous furniture companies are now making user friendly CPAP furniture in which you can put your machine into a drawer rather than having it sit on top of your nightstand. This way it is out of the way, and is less of an eyesore. It’s a win-win, right? The only thing that these companies didn’t think of is how the CPAP machine is going to work without a power source… While the CPAP is out of sight, there is no way for the user to use it because, well, no outlet to plug into. An easy solution to this would be to cut a hole out in back of the nightstand for the power cord to get to an outlet, but that would be messy and, more of eyesore if things aren’t done correctly. An easier solution to that would be to an in-drawer outlet. Docking Drawer specializes in these items, and is definitely worth some time to look into.

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Another alternative to having your CPAP on your nightstand is the Bedside CPAP Table. No, your CPAP machine will not be out of sight, but this is a nice alternative to having to keep it on your nightstand and have it be a cluttered mess. The bedside table fits between your mattress and box spring and provides a safe and stable ‘table’ for your CPAP to rest on while in use. It can be used with any CPAP machine (new and old, big and small, home units and travel units), can be used with most mattress (please avoid if you use a water bed or Sleep Number), and is easy to use and assemble. The table is a wonderful addition to your CPAP accessories and does a great job of keeping your machine out of sight, but still easily accessible.

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The last item that I want to share with you to easily conceal your CPAP is known as a ‘skin.’ You can personally customize how you want your machine to look – be it your favorite sports team, your favorite color, or favorite nature scene – something that is easy on the eyes and blends into the mood of your room. The skin is an adhesive sticker that will stick onto your machine, allowing your machine to truly be your own. This doesn’t exactly hide your machine, but with it being a bit more personalized, it does make everything more put together and unified.

hide and seek 3
Of course, this is all subject to you. If you don’t really think much of your CPAP until it’s time to go to bed and you are ready to use it, then this is most likely something you won’t really care for. However, if you do like things to look a little more coordinated, then check out these suggestions!
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