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They often say that the best way to get through something is with the support of someone – either someone who can relate to what you are going through or someone who cares for you dearly. No matter what the reason, having some sort of support system typically has positive results. With this in mind, why should using a CPAP machine be any different? defines a CPAP user forum as, “an online support group where you can ask other CPAP users and sleep professionals’ questions about your therapy and diagnosis. Usually the forums are set up like message boards for different categories and you can post your question and receive answers… Even if you don’t set up your own account (which is usually free) you can view the message boards as a guest and search for questions that other users have asked the may help you.”

Just as Alcohol Anonymous (AA), Mental Health America, or any drug rehabilitation program would offer their members words of encouragement, advice on certain matters, and stories that others can relate too, that is what CPAP support groups do as well. There are numerous to choose from – some are geographically based (you can attend meetings in a city near you) or you also have the option to interact on online forms designed to keep you updated with the latest CPAP news.

I know this post is much shorter than normal, but I think it is important to make you, and other CPAP users, aware that there are support groups out there in which they can reach out to for more information or just discuss the hardships they have encountered with the machine.

You find several links to various support groups at the following link:

Take a look at our website, while you’re at it:

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