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Living in Texas this time of year, we are often caught in front of the television come 6 o’clock watching the weather report. We are on the look out for any potential hurricanes that may come our way. Every June, my family and I begin stalking up on supplies – cases of bottled water, canned goods, non-perishable foods, lots of batteries, etc. just in case a hurricane makes it to the Texas shoreline. With everything we experienced last year with Harvey, it is important that we take action and prepare ourselves for the worst situation possible – that also includes taking action in regards to your CPAP machine.

While preparedness for a natural disaster is not the only reason you may consider purchasing one of these items, if you like camping, this may come in handy, it is definitely a good reason to invest in a back battery. There are numerous battery options that you can choose from. Some of the more popular batteries that we carry are the Medistrom Pilot 12 and 24, the ResMed Power Station, and the Respironics Lithium Ion Battery.

The Medistrom batteries are pretty small and light compared the older batteries that were made back in the day. The dimensions for the Pilot 12 are 17cm x 9cm x 2cm and it weighs a little over one pound. It works with 12V PAP devices such as both the Philips Respironics DreamStation and System One S60 machines, along with the DeVillbuss and the Z1 travel unit machine. The Pilot 24’s dimensions are 19 cm x 12 cm x 2cm and weighs closer to two pounds, so it is a little heavier than the Pilot 12, but still pretty light compared to older models of batteries. The 24 is compatible with 24V PAP devices such as the ResMed S9 models and AirSense 10 models. Both batteries can run as back battery not just for your CPAP machine, but for other handheld devices as well – that will come in handy should there be some sort of power outage, am I right? They also have a build in LED flashlight, again coming in handy should there be a blackout.pilot.jpg
Moving on to ResMed’s Power Station. As you can probably already tell, this battery is manufactured by ResMed, and is made to power ResMed machines in the event of a power loss. The Power Station weighs about two pounds, and is around the same dimensions as a 5×7” picture frame; small and light definitely comes in handy when on the go. If you’re big on camping then the Power Station is a great way to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep as it will power your CPAP machine for up to 13 hours! The battery takes about four hours to charge when it is completely dead. It comes with its own power supply unit adapter and a carrying case which keeps it clean and well protected while traveling. With it being a lithium-ion battery, it is estimated that the life of the power station is much greater than that of a regular battery. Despite there being no LED flashlight, like the Medistrom, the Power Station seems to be in a league of its own.

power station
The last battery that I would like to discuss is the Philips Respironics PAP Battery Kit (The Lithium Ion Battery). The smallest battery created by Respironics weighs just a little over two pounds and can fit in your hand with its small dimensions of 1.25”x 5.25”x9.0”. This unit is compatible with the Respironics DreamStation machine and the System One 50 and 60 series machines. Like the ResMed PowerStation, this ion battery takes about four hours to charge; unlike the Power Station, the Ion battery can power a unit for up to 14 hours instead of 13. The Ion battery is marketed as an ‘uninterruptible power supply,’ claiming that it “will help reduce therapy disruptions.” It meets FAA requirements, which means you are able to use your machine on a long flight, and it easy to travel with as it has a limited about of cords required for use. Again, like the Power Station, the Ion battery has a long lifespan; the manufacture estimates at least 1000 cycles. Those numbers are pretty convincing if you ask me, but then again, I don’t use a CPAP machine, so my opinion is moot.ion battery
So, depending on what type of machine you have, one of these three batteries is going to assist you in obtaining a restful night’s sleep should there be a black out, or you decide to go camping and have no access to an electrical outlet. From the few that I have sold, I have heard nothing but positive reviews on each of the batteries, so there are definitely getting job done. It is better to be safe than sorry, right? Right, so, be sure to get your back-up soon!


Fore more information on the batteries, please see: 

Medistrom: http://www.medistrom.com/

ResMed: https://www.resmed.com/us/en/consumer/products/accessories/resmed-power-station-ii-rps-ii.html

Respironics: https://www.usa.philips.com/healthcare/product/HC1124009/pap-battery-kit-lithium-ion-battery-with-integrated-uninterruptible-power-supply-ups

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