Your CPAP and Your Partner

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Your significant other has been annoying consistently about your snoring and how it keeps everyone awake. You finally get fed up and decide to speak with you doctor about the symptoms that you are experiencing. You come to find out that you suffer from sleep apnea and that you need a CPAP machine to assist with your breathing throughout the night. You get said CPAP machine and are sleeping much better than before; your significant other has even stopped complaining about your snoring. Rather, he/she is now complaining about the noise that your CPAP machine makes… You just can’t win one way or another, but I have come to save the day. Here are a few things that you can recommend to your S/O to help them get a better nights sleep.

White noise. Your partner has probably become accustomed to sleeping through your loud, annoying snoring. With you using your new CPAP machine, there is nothing but silence surrounding the two of you. At first, that silence can be uncomfortable, and maybe even unbearable. Or perhaps there is a light sound that your CPAP makes as your exhale, and that annoys your partner (honestly though, if you aren’t snoring, I don’t see why they are still complaining, but that’s just me). So a good solution to this problem would be white noise. Something the helps me fall asleep quickly, if there is noise or not, is the sound of rain. I have an app on my phone that produces numerous different sound effects that tend to help people fall asleep. Whatever sooths you to sleep must definitely sound better than the one sound annoying your S/O.white noise.jpgAnother alternative would be to provide your significant other with some ear plugs. Now if they sleep like the dead, perhaps recommend that they fall asleep to some soothing music – something to help them fall asleep quickly without worrying about any sort of noise your machine might make. If, however, they are a light sleeper, then a good pair of noise-canceling ear plugs is a must. You don’t want them waking up in the middle of the night because of a slight noise and blame your for yet another thing. Not to mention, ear plugs are a good investment not just for your boo, but for other things too. You never know when they might come in handy.earplugs-for-sleeping.jpgMy last suggestion is to ask your partner to go to bed earlier than you. Or you can sleep in a different room altogether. Although, that isn’t my preference, so to bed earlier it is. By them going to bed earlier and falling asleep before you make it to bed, you avoid a problem altogether. If that’s not a win-win situation then I don’t know what is.bed earlyAnd while all these suggestions aren’t exactly ideal, your S/O trying to sleep through your snoring is not either. Keep in mind that your partner has put up with some struggles if they have slept next to you while you snore all night long. It is important that you both have patience with one another while you are transitioning from snoring to making a slight noise while exhaling. Either way, all you need is some TLC to help you and your S/O along the way.

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