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For as much as I love sleep, you would think that it would be second nature for me to fall asleep. Most nights, especially recently with my going back to school, I fall asleep in the blink of an eye, other nights, it take forever and a day. Luckily, I already have a  simple solution for when it takes me a good minute to fall asleep. And that is, white noise/noise maker.

According to SoundsProofCow.com, “It is important to understand white noise and why it’s so much more calming than other kinds of noise. The sounds your hear everyday are on all kinds of different frequencies, mingling and bouncing against each other and putting stress on your ear your auditory system tried to process them all.”

They go on to say, “White noise generators create sound at all frequencies at once, the way white light represents all frequencies of light. While there are some variations on white noise, this is the general idea. Essentially, white noise-type machines create a blanket sound that lays over the existing sounds, creating a calming, consistent focused sound that’s pleasing to the ear and can cover other, less pleasant sounds.”WHITE-NOISE.jpgWhile studying through my undergraduate years, I had a difficult time falling and staying asleep. While staying asleep throughout the night still remains a problem, I find that, this too, is an easy fix with some white noise. Of course, finding the right sound is essential to making this work. I’m not the type of girl that enjoys listening to birds chirp, a foghorn, or a vacuum cleaner while trying to sleep. Rather, anything rain related or something close to the sound of the air conditioner has me lulling off to sleep like a baby.noise maker.jpgSome other benefits of white noise, according to gyanunlimited.com, are: reducing ear ringing, soothing to ADHD patients, develops mental clarity, increases productivity, prevents vertigo, it is good for studying (that will definitely come in handy when it comes to mid-term’s!), and it soothes patient in hospital ICU’s.

You have the option of purchasing a noise maker, online or in store. They come in different sizes and prices do vary, but, ultimately, they all do the same job, so… why spend extra money when you don’t have to? Another great alternative is downloading an app to your smart phone – which is even better, because one, you don’t have to leave your house, and two, it more than likely is free.

The app that I use is called ‘White Noise’ and features a crescent moon in the sky for its design. It features multiple different sounds that have been proven to be relaxing and soothing to people. The only thing that I don’t care for about this app is that it cuts off after an hour. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and there is nothing but complete silence… Kinda creepy, am I right? I turn my ‘noise’ back on and go right back to sleep.white noise sleeping appSo, what are you thoughts on white noise? Or are you someone who can fall asleep and stay asleep in complete silence. Hey, if that floats your boat, more power to you. If, however, you are like a good portion of America and find it difficult to fall asleep, then try this to see if it will work. What else have you got to lose at this point?


For more information on white noise, please see:


For information on sleep apnea and CPAP’s, please see: www.cpapoffice.com

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  1. Tammy Bucek says:

    Great idea! I purchased a white noise apparatus in the shape of a lamb and it worked for my grandson. Never thought about using this for myself as an adult. Definitely worth a try.

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