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Whoever came up with the phrase ‘the bigger the better’ obviously did not have CPAP machines and supplies in mind. We live a life of luxury and want things as convenient as possible; in this case, that means, we want to be able to breathe (hence the CPAP machine), but we don’t want to lug around some big bulky machine. We want something small and travel friendly. And heaven forbid, we actually have to lift a finger and clean the darn thing ourselves. Rather, we want a machine to do all the work for us, and of course, that too, needs to be small and travel friendly. Well, friends, I have the answer to your problems: the sleep8 machine.

The Sleep8 kills more than 99% of bacteria that can lead to mold, sinus issues, and upper respiratory infections. It is easy to use, with just one click one a button, you are good to go, and it was designed with silence in mind. Along with that, the Sleep8 is the smallest sanitizing machine on the market. It is comprised of three components – the machine, the sanitizing bag, and the power cord. The machine itself can fit in your hand, so traveling with it will not be an issue as it will take up a limited amount of space. The bag can be folded to take up less space, again, for your convenience.

The unit is easy to use. Simply unzip the bag and turn it inside out to find the round valve on the inside. You are going to want to connect your tubing to that valve. Your tubing, mask, and water chamber will be inserted into the bag before sealing the bag shut and connecting it to the device. Please note that all items should be completely dry before inserting into the bag. Once the bag is connected to the device, press start on the machine, and viola, your work is done. Your supplies will be sanitized in a matter of minuets.

Of course, you should still replace your supplies on a regular schedule like you would with any other sanitizing machine. The Sleep8 machine only sanitizes after all, it does not perform miracles and cannot prevent ware and tear. Sleep8 also advises to wait a few minutes after the sanitation process is complete before opening the bag to remove your supplies. The machine uses ozone to sanitize your supplies, so please be mindful of that before opening the bag! They do advise of a “smell” right after the process is completed – comparing it to that smell right after a heavy rainstorm… okay?

Patients who have already uses the Sleep8 machine have raved about it. They seem to really like and want others to get in on the experience as well.

Find more information here on how to use the Sleep8 machine.

Purchase the product here.

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