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Bongo RX

CPAP therapy is a lifesaver. Those of you who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea can attest to this, I am sure. The biggest pain in the butt when it comes to CPAP therapy – at least from I have observed – is traveling. The most worrisome thing patients seem to face is losing space in their luggage because they have to lug around their CPAP machine. When telling a patient that can carry their CPAP machine and it won’t be considered as their carry on, rather a medically necessary device, to do brighten up at the idea of not losing that precious luggage space, but they still mention that it is a pain to carry around. Well, friends, gone are the days of complaining about your CPAP whilst traveling.

Airavant Medical has created a solution – Bongo RX.

Similar to a nasal pillow, the Bongo RX is meant to be inserted into the nostrils to create a seal. According to the website, it works a little something along the lines of: “small valves open, during inhalation, to allow you to breathe normally through the device. During exhalation, the valves close directing air through specifically designed vents hold to generate EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure), which props open the airway until you inhale again.”

Aside from being small enough to fit into your shirt pocket (talk about saving all the space in the world!), this product does not require a power source like a regular CPAP machine or even a travel machine so it is readily available whenever you need it. Of course a hose is unnecessary with this item, but an optional headgear is included at the time of setup. It is also easy to use and clean, and patient will not have to worry about disconnecting tubing in the middle of the night should they have to use the bathroom.

Although fairly new to the market, the Bongo RX seems to be a promising item to look to as an alternative to traditional CPAP therapy. Find out more about this product on our website.

Transcend into Travel

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you probably already know that traveling with your CPAP machine can be an annoying experience. The newer machines are much smaller than its predecessors, however, some patients still think of it as ‘too big.’ They also have an opinion on the travel units as well – they are too expensive. While I do agree that they are on the pricier side, I also think that travel machines are good investments provided you are one to travel frequently and, of course, you can afford it. Thanks to Transcend, patients have a few more options to choose from when selecting which travel device they’d like to invest in.

Somnetics (the manufacturer of Transcend) has revamped its units and created something a little smaller, but better for patients: the Transcend 3 miniCPAP and the Transcend 365 miniCPAP.

The Transcend 3 features the same small design that patients are accustomed too with upgraded features such as a new modern design, a flat silicone base for better stability, and a swivel nozzle for a better CPAP experience. Like the machine before it, this third version has power/battery options depending on your specific needs. Of course it features the EZEX pressure relief, an adjustable ramp time, and monitors your AHI and leaks and compliance data. It can be used as a CPAP or Auto CPAP and works with operating pressures 4 – 20. The setup kit includes the machine – duh – a padded travel case with compartments, a standard six-foot hose, a multi-plug universal AC power supply with international plug kit, mini USB cord, and the Transcend 3 miniCPAP quick guide.

The Transcend 365 seems to be the ultimate travel machine as it is small and compact, and offers a humidification feature. The design of the 365 is different from that of the three, but it is still considered to be a version of the miniCPAP. The main difference between the two machines is that the 365 has a battery powered humidification system. It is the first machine to use the capillary force vaporizer (CFV). CFV delivers warm, moist air to you only when you inhale to provide comfortable therapy when needed. It uses about half the water of a regular CPAP humidifier and much less energy as well. The Transcend 365 setup kit comes with the machine, a secure padded travel bag with storage compartments, an AC power adapter with international power cords, a USB cord, and a quick start guide.

Both machines have a new larger and brighter LED screen which will allow patients to view their usage and compliance easily without any issues. Both machines are pretty simple to use and seem as if they allow for traveling with your machine much easier!

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